Whenever I sit to write, I get stuck across a couple of aspects. Amongst all of them, the most prominent one is: whether my message is presented clearly, will it convey what it is intended to be? What if it will not?

I asked this question: how can I ensure that my message serves the very purpose and I came up with the following answers:

· Make the outline that goes with your purpose of writing

· Bring the subheadings that exactly meet your framed question and idea

· Make short to medium sentences

· Quote live examples from time…

This is the same story almost with everyone!

How to handle it?

Believe me, there is no better way to handle anything than to face it , yes that is about it.

Let’s say , one fine day you went to office and your boss asked you to help him or asked to write an article with minimum 500 words within two hours ,on “Achieve your target sales figure with ease”.

And you are stuck; here you have to give all practical view points which are very unique to your business.

As a senior team member , you have to…

Logical order plays a very crucial role in writing. This is observed in paragraph to the whole body of the write up. It simply reads the reader’s mind and answers the questions sequentially.

Even though it is mainly seen in analytical and argumentive writings, but it is even followed in other writings unquestionably.

We will see it here.

How it is done generally?

Devise an Argument — — — — — ->Demonstrate the Argument , put your claims, Prove the same Argument, with possible evidences — — → Conclude it with a strong point to take it along

Let us…

It was never until that day , when I realized that I have to think and take action as per the plan, with a definite goal in mind and a set timeframe.

Every single day , we plan certain tasks to get done. Some of them we do and many of them we do not. That creates a big vacuum and germinates the stress point. There are myriad people who fall in the above mentioned category.

When I was in college, it was clear in my mind that after passing out I will be in corporate world. Never I gave…

  • I was eight years old, and I was doing fairly well in studies. I used to sit and study for long morning hours from 8am to 12 pm or so. My mother would say if you are studying for that long then why it does not get reflected on your mark sheet, that hit me hard and I kept that in mind. That time onwards, I tried not to equate stretch of time with the figures of the result but the actual time spent to get the desired output.
  • During the final years of college campus placement, I was trying…

From the idea generation to the product or delivery, at each changing stage of the business , writing is the only constant thing.

That’s the power of pen not only to convince but to take out the money from their pocket eagerly for buying the product and availing the service.

That means the power of written words take care of the selling, not only in its own way but also with a sense of urgency.

Let’s see how..

Typical Problems:

  • You are going to apply to a top university in your country, for which you have to write an essay…

In any kind of writing, purpose plays a vital role. One it is set, then the rest of the task is divided into separate and multiple sub-topics.

This arrangement can be of different types. It can be chronological, severity and priority , to name a few of them.

Once the topic is categorized, then it becomes easier for the reader to find what it is looking for.

Problem: Suppose there is a term paper on the “ Money Market of India” has been submitted. The author has written it all at a stretch without any sub-heading and not with enough…

First and foremost thing, name the industry. Once the industry is confirmed , find out what all set of companies does come under the particular industry.

Now give a scenario of the industry under a certain dire circumstance and tell how it stood and came out of the situation strongly. Now , tell how this particular piece of writing is going to be helpful for them.

Problems: So the background is set. Now , talk about the issues/problems that the particular industry faces. Like it may be with respect to over stock of raw materials, demand versus the available finished…

As they say , writing does not happen till you sit in a place deliberately to write .

When a novice writer, wants to make the habit of writing, then initially she procrastinates to the extent.

Reasons for procrastination:

1-Lack of Motivation: If you want to get the fruit of some skill, then keeping the outcome in mind self motivate yourself. It goes longer and longer , rgather than any other outside motivation.

2- Lack of Idea: Idea is created by brain storming, giving time think through and by going through multiple resources.

3-No proper planning: Mere thinking of writing…

In today’s fast world, nobody has time to read long passages.

Everyone is in rush to get the gist of the report at the earliest.

The data flow that we receive, filtering information and gathering the knowledge is a cyclical process.

So here the question is how to skim it fast without missing any important information.

Popularly known as Precis. These are written for the below reasons (Can be considered as traits as well):

  • Summarizing a comprehension in limited words
  • It includes all the important aspects
  • Conveys the gist or the basic idea of the whole passage
  • It makes the…

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