How Writing Habit Helps Academically

Habitual writing practice creates a thinking space and automaticity in your life.

Once you tend to fall in the habit, then many things take their shape.


  • Your observation , listening and grasping power goes deeper
  • You analyze everything in a more holistic manner
  • Capture your learnings and give them life on your paper
  • Students who try to memorize/ process the study materials/ books through writing, they tend to retain the information longer.
  • The more writing done in a course, the student gets more engaged with it.

Say for example ; a student who stayed attentive in the class, listened whatever was taught and made hand notes from the lectures in the class.

Came back home, s/he went through the particular chapter in the book, hand made notes and started writing on his own for one more time considering the book, notes and the taught lectures (as it would be still fresh in his mind).

Now , the student stands at a much better position in terms of confidence and the knowledge on the particular chapter.

In another case, consider another student who has simply listened to the lectures in the class being attentive. Even though s/ he understood the lecture but she did not consider to make notes in class nor revised the taught lecture in form of writing of her own back home.

When it comes to test writing, then definitely the first student will have a better hand in attending the questions in a more confident and clear manner as compared to the second.

Her/ his writing and thinking will have a automatic flow of information flawlessly with lesser effort , as she would have already done that before, it is simply putting forth the same things all over again.

Deliberate practice helps..

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